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Monday, 20 July 2015

Movie review - "Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan"

Movie review number 44

This movie starts on the day of Admiral Kirk's birthday, and he's feeling a tad ancient.  A group of new Starfleet Cadets are taking the Kobayashi Maru, a test to discover their ways of dealing with a "no win" situation - with a young Kirstie Alley taking The Big Chair.
Meanwhile, on the USS Reliant..... Commander Chekov is checking out Ceti Alpha 6, a planet in the Ceti Alpha system previously visited 15 years previously.  (You'd think they'd have that recorded on the computer systems)  They're looking for a planet with absolutely NO lifeforms on it all so that Dr Merrick (Admiral Kirk's ex girlfriend) can test out the Genesis programme, to turn a lifeless planet into one that can support life.  Anyways, Chekov & the Reliant's Captain beam down to Ceti Alpha 6 to make sure there's no life on it, but then find there's some old ship bits on it...... belonging to The Botany Bay...... OH NO!!!  Just as they're about to leave, they find there IS lifeform on the planet........ genetically engineered Khan and the remainder of his group who had been exiled on Ceti Alpha 5!!!  Hang on...... they thought it was Ceti Alpha 6...... turns out that planet exploded (so there's a planet missing in the system...... and they didn't notice that when they looked at their computer system when they entered the Ceti Alpha plantary system??) and altered the trajectory of C.A 5 to make it LOOK like C.A. 6..... well if you squint a bit and wrinkled your nose, I suppose you COULD make that mistake.... we're only talking about a missing planet, after all.
Anyway, Khan and his group take over the USS Reliant and go try find the Genesis probe.
Meanwhile, Admiral Kirk finds out that Genesis probe is under threat, and he takes charge of the Enterprise & the cadets to go find out what's happening.  And then Khan finds him!!!  The two ships then throw a few phaser blasts at each other, Kirk goes onto the science station and meets his son that he didn't know he had, and Khan manages to get hold of the Genesis probe which he beams onto the Reliant.  Kirk and the Genesis scientists then get back onto the Enterprise and make a dash to a nebula to try and get away from Khan and there's a very suspenseful cat and mouse section of who's coming up behind who, and a game of starship chicken!!
Then, as a last resort, Khan sets off the Genesis probe, but just as the Enterprise's engine blows and floods engineering with radiation..... at which point Spock goes to fix the engine.....
The ending is actually quite poignant, since the death of Leonard Nimoy.
Brilliant movie though.....

Oh yes indeedy!!!!

9 - lose one for the major plot error!!

Apples, in any shape or form.

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