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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

We had dinner out yesterday!!!

 Yesterday after work Andrea said we were going out!!  So we set off out....

 On the way we say a happy cat sitting in the window!

 See?  He's smiling!!!

We came to Orsino's!!  Andrea's friend Diane was in town so we met up for dinner!

 There was a new pizza on the menu called a Breakfast Pizza which sounded a little bit weird.  So we decided to try it!!

It had a rasher of bacon, a fried egg, a sausage, mushrooms and a grilled tomato on it.  It was kind of tasty but it doesn't really work as a pizza.  I think we'll go back to the Marinara pizza next time......!!


  1. You are a brave little mouse to eat such exotic food. We probably would have eaten first, and then thought to look.
    Welshie and Eskie nose pokes,
    Sally Ann and Andy

  2. Well that is certainly creative... All of those things do work on pizzas individually but... maybe the presentation was a bit off... A whole sausage on a pizza?