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Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Walk Around Town.

 Today was sunny (but with a breeze) so after Andrea did the food shopping, we went for a walk.  The first thing we noticed was that the Texaco petrol station and convenience store has been completely shut down, boarded up and fenced off!!  That's been there for centuries and it's closed down!!

 That's really weird...... it's a missing landmark!

 To get over the shock, we had a walk along the seafront.   You can just see a yellow sticky-uppy crane thing in the distance - apparently they're building a big tower on the front that will have 360 degree views.  

 When Sullivan came to visit a couple of years back, he didn't believe me when I said people lie on the beach on only a towel to sunbathe.  Well, you can just about see them there by the wall with the fencing on!!!  Told you the English were mad as hatters!!!

 The tide was out when we were there, and we had a bit of sand!

 I like watching the sea waves.  I always wave back, too.  I'm a friendly mouse.

When we got here, we decided to walk inland a little....

 We went past this little park....

 We saw some pretty stained glass windows in one of the buildings!

 And then when we got to Palmeira Square, we went that way!

 When we walked past this shop, we noticed it had shut down too.  This used to be a camera repair and film developing shop that had also been around for centuries.... you know, one of those pre-digital camera shops that did repairs and knew about cameras and sold picture frames and photo albums and put old cine film onto DVDVDVD for you.  Gone.  Shut.  Poo.

 And then when we got to Tesco's we noticed their blue line underneath was a rainbow line!!!  I like that!!

 we found another elastic hair tie too.  We'll use that on a postcard..... 


  1. Nice walk Beanie! You mean to say that people on the beach put a towel on all those rocks and lie on that?? No cushioning?? OY!

    1. No cushions. No mattress. Just a towel. On top of the stones. We're mad.

  2. "to let" means "for rent", isn't that right Beanie? did you leave any bookmarks along the way?

    1. Yes, that's right! No, we didn't leave any bookmarks today...... the weatherman says we may get rain this week, even thunderstorms!!