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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

We had dinner out yesterday!!!

 Yesterday after work Andrea said we were going out!!  So we set off out....

 On the way we say a happy cat sitting in the window!

 See?  He's smiling!!!

We came to Orsino's!!  Andrea's friend Diane was in town so we met up for dinner!

 There was a new pizza on the menu called a Breakfast Pizza which sounded a little bit weird.  So we decided to try it!!

It had a rasher of bacon, a fried egg, a sausage, mushrooms and a grilled tomato on it.  It was kind of tasty but it doesn't really work as a pizza.  I think we'll go back to the Marinara pizza next time......!!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Grafitti and steampunk typewriters!!

 We found two more grafitti'd cable boxes today - this one in town.....

 And this one in Hove

 We saw a bush with lots of blue berries on it.....

And a weird typewriter......!!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Mail from Sandy!

We got a postcard from Sandy today!!!  

He went to Whistler and went on a zipline.  He said maybe he should reserve a place for us to use it.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Walk Around Town.

 Today was sunny (but with a breeze) so after Andrea did the food shopping, we went for a walk.  The first thing we noticed was that the Texaco petrol station and convenience store has been completely shut down, boarded up and fenced off!!  That's been there for centuries and it's closed down!!

 That's really weird...... it's a missing landmark!

 To get over the shock, we had a walk along the seafront.   You can just see a yellow sticky-uppy crane thing in the distance - apparently they're building a big tower on the front that will have 360 degree views.  

 When Sullivan came to visit a couple of years back, he didn't believe me when I said people lie on the beach on only a towel to sunbathe.  Well, you can just about see them there by the wall with the fencing on!!!  Told you the English were mad as hatters!!!

 The tide was out when we were there, and we had a bit of sand!

 I like watching the sea waves.  I always wave back, too.  I'm a friendly mouse.

When we got here, we decided to walk inland a little....

 We went past this little park....

 We saw some pretty stained glass windows in one of the buildings!

 And then when we got to Palmeira Square, we went that way!

 When we walked past this shop, we noticed it had shut down too.  This used to be a camera repair and film developing shop that had also been around for centuries.... you know, one of those pre-digital camera shops that did repairs and knew about cameras and sold picture frames and photo albums and put old cine film onto DVDVDVD for you.  Gone.  Shut.  Poo.

 And then when we got to Tesco's we noticed their blue line underneath was a rainbow line!!!  I like that!!

 we found another elastic hair tie too.  We'll use that on a postcard..... 

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Mail from Ajdin!!!

 AND today we also got a letter!!!

 It's from Ajdin!!!  He sent us a mad maze..... you start up the top there.....

 And finish down the bottom there with the cheese and the books!!!

 He sent a letter too!  It's MINE!

 It's an origami one like the ones I do!!!

With a letter in it too!!  I love it!
 And then today we got another postcard!!!

This one's from Jerry and Ben!!

Postcard from Sandy!!!

 We got a postcard yesterday too - from Sandy!!!

He'd gone beachcombing but said he didn't find much.  Not like when we went mudlarking!!

Last night's dinner

Yesterday after work Andrea took all the washing up to the launderette.  While that was being washed, she went to the Farm Shop up the road and got a Sausage Roll (front left), a Scotch Egg (front right) and a Pork Pie (behind) and brought them home for dinner!  We had a salad on the side and it was YUMMERS!!!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

I won a prize!!!

 we got a package in the post today - it was all the way from New Zealand!!!

 It was a bookcrossing book!!!  Andrea had entered a sweepstakes on the bookcrossing website and we got drawn as a decoy so the winner didn't know they won until they started getting lots of books!!!
This is a thrillery book!

 They sent us a little card too!!!

I like the picture!!!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

We got a comfy chair!!!

 We got the chair last weekend and it just got delivered!!!

We now have the Chair Bear Bunch and it's going to be re-upholstered at some point.  But it's ever so comfy!!!

A New Rescued Post about Brussels!!!

Just finished putting the pictures up and it's HERE!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

We did some shopping!!

 We had a box arrive at our house today!

 Brown packing paper!!!  Excellent!  I can use this stuff to make another notebook with!  Fab!

There was also some Kniepp bath oil and bath salts for Andrea too.  That'll keep her quiet....

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Another rescued post!!!

We just rescued some of my Brussels trip!!!
It's HERE!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Complete cable box collection

From the soldier above onwards, we found in Hove and Brighton in May 2015

This one above we found in London on the way back from Rotherhithe in May 2015

 Found this by the Pier on 26th April 2015

 This one was found at Palmeira Square, Hove in April 2015

 These were found around Brighton Station to the Clock Tower early 2015

 We found these five in Brighton on 15th November 2014!
(there's still a few missing pictures down the bottom though but I'm still looking for them on google!!)

 This lizard and the Dub attack one underneath we found near Brighton Station today, 17th October 2014

 These ones we found around Brighton on 20th September 2014

Saw the one above in July 2014

 We found a bunch more painted cable boxes this week!!  Two of them are for this years' Pride event.....

Seems we have a Mods and Rockers theme this year like in Quadrophenia!!

And then we saw a new Dragon!!!

 ....and a portrait of Alice!!

 We found this at the top of a nearby street last week!!

 We found the next 33 pictures around Brighton at the end of February 2014, up until the last Orca Whale one!

 The latest Dragon boxes seen in Brighton on 3rd November 2013

 Seen in Brighton on 31st October 2013 with Sullivan McPig!!!

 These three were found in Bremen, Germany by my friend Hammie!!!

 The latest grafitti'd cable box in Brighton town!!!  Rhino!!

 This one of the seal is from Canada!!
Thanks for forwarding that one, Alexander!!

These four are near the seafront in Brighton.

And this one is near Hove Train Station!!

 Brighton Festival, May 2013

 These three found in Brighton during May 2013

Giraffe seen at Brighton Pier, May 2013

 We found this one on 11th May 2013!

 Seen on 5th May 2013 in Brighton!!

 These ones we found in Brighton town centre in April 2013!

OK, so this is the updated cable box grafitti art with all the boxes together, starting with the Piranha Fish!!!  RAAHHHRRR!

We found loads more graffitti'd cable boxes recently!!!  First of all, this new kitty one.....

Then a new Christmassy one....

And a new cassette one......

And a new blue Meanie one....!

But he might be a yeti, I'm not sure.....

We found some more grafitti'd cable boxes!! These three are the sides and front of a new alligator

And these two are next to each other and "join up" to make "23"!!

 Well, first post of 2013, and it's the updated grafitti'd cable box collection!  The first three were from my last walk around town in December....... and I've spotted some more new ones since!!

 This is the side shot of the Christmas tree below.....

We found another three grafitti'd cable boxes recently - two more badgers (they used to be the Blue Meanies posted lower down) and another cassette lord!

We spotted five more grafitti'd cable boxes recently, so have now made a point of photographing them!!
We start with a Blue Meanie.

These are special buses called "The Big Lemon" that run out to the University.  They work on cooking oil instead of petrol!!!

Another Blue Meanie.... They painted this over the Dino Rox Box.  George is Very Upset.

This one's the newest, I think.  It's a Lemur!!

 This one has a portrait on it!!!

 And this one is a snowman!!!!!  And he doesn't melt in the sun either!!!

 The side had a happy christmas message on it!!

 I think this one's my favourite!!!  We see this one from the bus when we go to work!!!

I think they made this one specially for George and Dilly!!!

 Numbers as well....

This lady was found in near Churchill Square on July 22nd 2012

 This is a new grafitti box that I walk past on the way to work!!!  Found in Brighton in April 2012

And this one, after the Dino Rox Box, is my favourite!!