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Monday, 4 May 2015

We went to London!!!

Today we got up really early...... I thought we were going to work today which was weird as today's a bank holiday!!

But we ended up here at the train station!!  Excellent, we're going somewhere!!

I made sure we got on the right train.....

And I tied a weathergram to the seat in front!!

And we're off!!!

And we got off here at Blackfriars in London!!!

We needed to use the Public Conveniences first and found these signs on the way!!

And we left another weathergram on the door!!!

We saw this funny pub outside with a Blackfriars Monk on the door!!!

They had some lovely signs on the walls!!!

And there's a peek through the entrance doorway!!!

We left a book on the bench outside, about The Man In Black......!!
It's a biography!

Then we went to get a bus!!

We set off down the road....

And I left a weathergram on here too!!

We got off at Aldwych - we're going to see an expedition!!!

It's in here, at Somerset House!!!

We went in and got a reduced entry with our ArtPass!!!  Excellent!!
It was quite a small expedition, only in two rooms on the top floor but it was really interesting!!

They had some lovely grating thingies in there....

And the door handles we really pretty too!!

Afterwards we went to the gift shop and bought some stuff and then Andrea said we're going on a hunt!!   We went through here...

And out the other side and down here....

We found Shaun the Sheep!!!!

A lady offered to hold me while Andrea took pictures but I didn't want to get mousenapped.....

And there's Shaun's bum!!!

We went out the way we came in...

And we walked up the road towards Covent Garden.... unfortunately this cheese shop was closed.  That almost ruined my day...

But then we found another Shaun the Sheep at Convent Garden!!!

This one's made up like candies!!

He's got a Bloo Bum!!!

We found another Shaun the Sheep dressed like a bus to Woolwich!!!

He's funny!!

He's a Baa Bum!!!!

And he was right outside our favourite cake shop!!!
AND Andrea bought me some!!!! YAAAYY!!

We left a book next to this shop, all about making candies and bomboms!!

Then we walked back to the bus stop and saw this posh hotel.  Wonder what it's like to stay there.....

Ah - OH!!  The bus stop's suspendered!!!
Luckily there was another bus stop next to it, so we got on a bus there instead!

We tied a weathergram on here too!!

And we're off....!

And we got off at the Pickled Gherkin!!  Are we going to see Bob T Bear again today??  No?  Oh......

That's his grayte grayte grayte Grandbear Wrcszcszcszcszscsscscszzslav from Poland!
He was in the Resistance in the war, you know.

We found another Shaun the Sheep inside the station!!!

He's dressed as a Pearly King - they live in the East End of London and wear suits with white pearls buttons sewn all over them in different designs!

On his tail, I think it says "Doing the Lambeth Walk" which is a name of a dance!

Then we went back to get another bus...

We left a tag on it this time!!

We got off here, just after Threadneedle Street and had to double back a little bit...

We walked past a statue of someone holding a goose!

...and spotted the funny Cheesegrater building!!

And then we found Shaun the Robo-sheep!!!  He's my favourite!!

He's a little bit steampunk-y!!

He's got a squiggly bum!!!!!

Then we walked back to the bus stop.....

And got on another bus!!  This one got a weathergram tied to it!

Where are we going now??

OH!  We've been here before!!!

Coo...... wonder what a Cordwainer does.....?

Then we found Shaun the Gherkin sheep!

He's got a pretty bum!!!

And this one's Shaun the Chelsea Pensioner - he let me sit in his hat!!!
He was in the War too, you know.

I like his hat....

And there's his bum!

We found this green Shaun near the Millenium Bridge

All ship shape and Bristol fashion!!!  Wonder where that saying comes from...?

He's got a green bum.

Down there is the Millenium Bridge and the Tate Bridge on the other side!

This Shaun's got a rocket up his nose!!!


I like his bum too!

By now, we were hungry so we decided to stop for lunch.....

So we did!!!  We had a cold drink....

And some yummy olives!

And some crunchy crusty French bread and butter!  Yum!

We had steak and chips!!  It's not as nice as Andrea's though...

After lunch, we walked down Carter Lane to the Youth Hostel there and left another bookcrossing book!  That youth hostel used to be the St Pauls Cathedral Boy's Choir school, so we left a book about Orchestration there!

By now we were completely pooped so we decided to come home.  There's the entrance to St Paul's...

We went past a funny candy shop!

And went into here, City Thameslink Station!

Oh here we go, a train home in a few minutes!  Excellent!

I made sure Andrea got on the right train and found us a window seat!  I left a tag on the seat in front!

Here we go....

Nearly home......

And here we are back at Brighton!!!

We didn't have to wait long for a bus which was good...

And we're nearly there!!!

When we got home, we got out all out shopping!

the ticket's pretty!

We got the expedition book...

And some postcards too!  Now we've got to figure out who to send them to!!

AH!!!  Macarons!  My favourite!!
What a lovely day!!!


  1. WOW!!! That was an amazing trip - and those Shaun the Sheep guys are super cool! (Not as a cool as the Paddington bears of course... at least not to this little bear... but Mama says that's not polite to say... so I take it back... sort of). Anyhow - I was getting hungry just watching the length of your trip. I love the snack at the end... I think the third one from the right is chocolate - yum!

  2. What a great surprise, much better than work. You are beary generous with your free books. By the way those Macroons look great.

  3. Sean the Sheep! We love him..we have all his videos. Now, if only there were a video of Sean and Beanie!!!