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Monday, 11 May 2015

We got a present!!!

 Today Andrea brought home a Big Bag Full of Goodies!!  She said her friend Vicky had been to a place called Dieppe in France and bought some things for me!!  How nice of her!

 So - what we got, then???#

 Oh!  What's this??

 Camembert cheese!!!!  YUM!!!

 And goat's cheese!!!!!  Brill!

 Oooh, it's a packet of smelly tea!!  It's black tea with bits of caramel in it and smells wonderful!!!

 And a posh tea strainer to put in your mug!!!  The tea goes in the strainer which goes in the mug, then you pour the hot water in and let it stew and then you take the strainer out and put it on the "lid" so it doesn't drip anywhere!  Snazzy!

 BISCUITS!!!!  Yummers!!

 Oh, what's this???


Oh wow - the jar is fish soup (you need to add water or cream) and the tin is something called Cass-oo-lay...... what's that???

 Oh!!  Soh-mon foo-may...... that's smoked salmon!!  Andrea says that's a pate spread!

 CANDY!!!  YAY!!!

 AND a bottle of fizzy wine!!!  That'll make us hiccup!!!!!
Oh what brill presents!!  We need to send Vicky shopping some more!!!
She got us this pretty card too!!!!!  That's Dieppe, you know.....!


  1. Wow, some awesome presents Beanie! If you need any help finishing that yummy cheese and biscuits, let us know! hehe

  2. cheese for a mouse, how fitting! the smoked salmon looks beary good...

  3. I love you Beanie Mouse!

  4. Amazing presents! I almost thought that last picture was one of your paintings that you were going to give to Vicky!