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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Movie Review - "Tintin, the Secret of the Unicorn"

Movie review number 42

This movie is based on the cartoon character Tintin, created by Herge, the famed Belgian journalist (Jamie Bell).  It starts in the Gran' Markt in Brussels, where Tintin is shopping and he finds a wonderful little miniature wooden hand-crafted statue of the sailboat Unicorn and purchases it for a few Francs.  Snowy catches sight of a prolific pickpocket and goes chases him.... in the meantime, two separate gentlemen approach Tintin wanting to buy the statue off him for any price he chooses.  He won't sell it and takes it home.  However a cat gets into his apartment, Snowy chases it and they crash into the table with the statue on it making it fall to the floor and smash........ and only Snowy notices a small metal cylinder fall out of the main mast and roll under the table!!!
Meanwhile, Policemen Thompson and Thomson are on the trail of the pickpocket....
Tintin's apartment gets broken into and his statue goes missing....... and then Tintin find the little metal cylinder under the table and it contains A Clue To Missing Treasure!!!!
Then he discovers it's linked to the Naval family Haddock mansion Marlinspike and sneaks in to snoop around...... and finds an unbroken sailboat in it exactly like his!  It later turns out there's three of these sailboats made for three Haddock brothers, each containing A Clue to Missing Treasure, which only a True Haddock can work out once all clues are together!!!!!
Tintin then meets the last remaining Captain Haddock (Daniel Craig) who really enjoys drinking whiskey, and they get kidnapped onto a boat which is sailing towards Northern Africa, the site of a sunken sailboat called The Unicorn, which was previously captained by another Captain Haddock (Craig's grandfather) who had a boatfight with a Pirate!!!!!!
Tintin and Captain Haddock manage to escape and steal a boatplane and fly off but then crashland in the Sahara desert!!!
OH NO!!!
I won't give away the ending but this is a really exciting fast-paced movie that's definitely worth watching!!!

Oh yes indeedy!!!

Beanie gives this nine squeaks out of ten!!

Moules Mariniere with slices of crusty french bread!!!


  1. We loved this film too! The snack sounds delicious.

  2. I really need to get out my sekrebeary evaluation and add a new category "Ensures stuffie sees all the latest movies in a timely fashion". Honestly!