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Monday, 25 May 2015

Weekend Shopping in London Day Three

Today, Monday 25th, is our last day in London!  We got up early but there was a huge line of French students at the breakfast room so we sat and waited for them to get through!

When we got our breakfast, we had cornflakes, kwussant, toast and jam and the super strength coffee!!!

Then we went back to our room and got our stuff packed up and it was time to check out!  We've had a terrific weekend, you know!

Then we went over the road and caught the C10 bus back to Victoria Station.... we tied another Weathergram to the rail!

And we're off!!

Here we are going back over the Thames river.....

And we got off here!

At the Coach Station!!!
It was super duper busy but I made sure we got on the right coach!!

And we got a window seat too!  Excellent!!

We managed to tie a weathergram to the seat too!!

Oh!  We're crossing the Thames again!!  Hahaha!

Then Andrea got out the Jaffa Cakes!!!! YAAAYYY!!
I love eating these on the coach!


Not long later, we were scooting down the Motorway!  (that's the Interstate highway, in England!)

OH!!  That's the South Downs, we're nearly home!!

Nearly home!!  There's the Royal Pavilion!

And here we are at the Poole Valley Coach Station!!  Huzzah!
We got a taxi home because we couldn't be bothered getting the bus.

We got a stamp in my passport at the Youth Hostel before we left too!  AND he put a date stamp on it!!

After we'd settled down at home, we got out our shopping!  This is the book we got at the Brunel Museum.
(Ed's note: we later discovered this is a signed copy!)

That's the signed book we got at the Manga show!!

See?!  It's MINE!!!

That's the contents of the not-so-goodie bag from the show.  Cards and posters.

We got this for Andrea's birthday present!!!

It's a Space Marble!!!


It's really pretty!!

This chap we rescued from the V&A museum.  We went in to get a woodblock from the gift shop but they didn't have any, so we got Bear instead.

Apparently he's German but we don't know his name yet.

And here's the Horrid's shopping!!!

Gooey Macarons!!!  YUM!

This one's the birthday cake..... sssshh!


That's the salted caramel hot chocolate in a posh bloo tin!!!
I love the tin almost as much as I love hot chocolate!

and here's the SOOPER posh one!

That's the Horrids cooler bag....

With the gift box containing.....

Caviar and mother of pearl spoon!!!  Good huh?!?!

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  1. Oh my goodness... that is quite the haul! That chocolate cake looks to die for!