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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Birthday dinner, Chez Beanie!!

After we'd got home from our trip, we started getting hungry so I started to make dinner.  First of all I opened the bottle of Cremant in the fridge.  It's a French Doo Van Gassy Ers.  That means it's got bubbles in it!

And then when you drink it, it makes you Burpy Ers!!!!!!!

For dinner, I made poached salmon, spinach, sweetcorn and Caviar On The Side!

The tin was a bit difficult to open but we managed it!!
This was Yummers!!!

Then for pudding, we had the Orange Chocolate Cake from the Laduree Shop!
That was even MORE Yummers!!!

Then a bit later on, we had some Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate with a gooey mararon!
Now THAT was a spectacular dinner!!!


  1. I am with Jerry and Ben that looks great. Quite a generous pour of wine for a small mouse :)

    1. Oh I shared it with Andrea. I'm good like that.

  2. Um... I is confused... I thought your birthday was in October? Or is this Andrea's birthday we are celebrating?? Either way - Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Andrea's birthday is in May. MY birthday (the important Mousey one!) is in October!!