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Thursday, 23 April 2015

We had dinner out!!!

 After work today, Andrea said we were going out for dinner!!

We went to Orsino's for dinner!!  Are we meeting Sir Woodstock again?!

 OH!  That's not Sir Woodstock...... that's his terrier doggie!!!  We didn't quite catch her name but she was ever so lovely!!!

 And well behaved too!!  Didn't poo on the table..... very impressed!

 We had the Marinara pizza again which  was yummers, and a glass of wine..... and after stuffing our faces, we decided to meet up for fish & chips on Monday and then came home!!  It was fun to meet a friendly doggie!


  1. And nice that the doggie didn't eat your pizza! Maybe he doesn't like seafood?

    1. Doggie had his own pizza with spinach on it!