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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Piggie Post!!!!!

 We got a packet through our letter box and it's addressed JUST for MEE!!!

 It's from Holland!!

 It had a card in it from Sullivan and his human!!!

 It was a very fun card of Place de la Concorde in Paris!!!!  I love it!

 They sent me a notebook with a picture of someone with a big bum!!!

 It's a mini sketchbook for me to use!!!

 And a pack of playing cards with a cabaret poster on it!  I love this picture!!

The cards had the same poster on the backs of them and the jokers were wearing the Eiffel Tower on their heads!!!  hahahahaaaa!
Thanks Sullivan!  It's a brilliant present!!


  1. Wow, great gifts!

    Ben says: "Please have Beanie review the new(er) French animated film: Ernest and Celestine. It's very cute, and it starts a mouse!!!

    1. Oh!! Well we'll have to go and buy the DVD first.....

  2. that person with the big bum.. is he/she wearing pants?

  3. Andrea says he is but I think it's just a painted bit like the rest of him and he's Big Butt Nekkid!!!! HAHAHHAAAAAaaa!

  4. Yay! So glad you like our souvenirs!