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Sunday, 26 April 2015

New Storage!!

 We've started looking for new storage boxes for home..... this big plastic tub used to be by my bed, and we got it about 15 years ago when we moved in here!!!

 This weekend, we found some rather nice boxes with an old fashioned map of the world printed over it with postage stamps and post-marks on from all over the world!!  The entire contents of the plastic tub fit very nicely into the larger box here (OK, so we had to bin a few things that we haven't used for ..... a long time!!)

 And then the smaller box on top now has all my bookcrossing books in it waiting to be read!!!

 And the REALLY REALLY exciting bit was when we were emptying the big plastic tub, we found lots of photo CDs of some of our trips away.....

And they're all photos that we accidentally deleted off the blogs last year!  I found the pictures again!!!!!  So now, I can put all the pictures back on the blog!  I'm so HAPPYYYYY!!!


  1. Bonus!! High five! Finding lost photos is great news Beanie! And those boxes look very chic.

    1. That's great news about the pictures.