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Monday, 27 April 2015

An evening out...

 This morning Andrea took me into work.  She said I had to help with Some Important Stuff
After we'd finished doing the boring work stuff, we set off to find the Important Stuff!  How exciting!!

 We found a drinking establishment where they don't like Barthin'!  I think Bob would like it in there!!!

 We found a funny fish too!

 And then we found a Space Ship!!!  Oh how exciting!!!

 Let's have a ride in it!!!!!


 We found a new painted cable box too!!!

Then we went to the Pier and met our friend, who'd been to London for the day!

 We played some arcade games and WE WON!!!!  I won an apple and my friend won two cupcakes!!  She gave one to me!  (she's nice like that!!

Then we went over the road to Harry Ramsdens for dinner!!!

 Andrea let me have a beer all to myself!!!  Hic...!

 And then we had fish and chips for dinner!  It was yummy!!!  Because our friend had given us one of her cupcakes, we gave her our horseradish sauce and mushy peas.  (we're good like that....!)
After that, we got the bus home.....

 And we met two cats on our way back from the bus stop!!  We said hello to them!

They're pretty!!!

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  1. That's a big beer for a mouse. By the way the fish looks good.....