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Sunday, 1 March 2015

We went for a walk.....

Today the sun was out so we decided to go for a walk..... we haven't done that for ages!!  First we went to Tesco's to get a couple of things.

Then we went down here.....

On the way to Hove Art Gallery!!  Somebody drew a skull on the sign!!

There it is!!  It's not open because it's Sunday morning - they only open in the afternoon on Sundays.

We left a bookcrossing book there though!!!

Can you see where I left it?!?!

Then we decided to go down to the seafront.

We turned round and took another picture of the Museum!!!

Here we are!!!  It's a bit windy on the seafront but it's still nice with the sun out!

We found a sparkly stone!!!  I think we'll put that in Bob's Trezzure chest, he likes intresting stones and rocks!!

Gosh it's nice here.....

A bit further on, we found some more beach huts!!

You can just about see the West Pier in the distance.

 We found an interesting marker here - it looks like a fishtail!

 It says that Brighton is 2 miles away and Shoreham is 5 miles away.

 We stayed and watches the waves for a bit.  We like doing that!

 Then we came up these steps....

And came home!!

We found two parking tickets for me and two rocks for Bob!!


  1. You had a nice sunny day for your walk! We live really far from the ocean, so we always like to see it, you're so lucky to live so close!

    1. all we have to do is cross the road and we're at the beach!!!

    2. Ok, Ben and Jerry are BEARY jealous. We live across from a corn field. We love the sound of the waves.

    3. You can see from the last few pictures..... the beach, the stairs through the little arcade place that's closed for the winter, and then the buildings on the other side of the road. That's how close we are!!

  2. A trip to the beach is always fun. I hope to go next weekend :)

  3. Those are some beary colorful beach huts! Maybe you can paint them for your next picture submission. Did you leave any bookmarks or other art pieces for someone to find?

    1. I put a bookmark in the book I left at the Museum!! I'm glad we went out because it's raining now!

  4. Great walk Beanie! It's always best to take advantage of the sun. I like those colourful beach huts too!

  5. Didn't realise that you are that close to the sea:-) great!