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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Sun, sea and drain covers!!

 Today, after Andrea had done the chores, we decided to go out for another walk because the weather was nice!!!

 We went straight over to the seafront...... the tide was in!

 we watched the waves for a bit.....

 Then we decided to lose some weathergrams!!!

 We found a bench that had been decorated with bunting..... we added some decoration to it!!

 I think it's been a bit windy as some of the shingle that should be on the beach was now on the promenade!!!

 We found a Beanie-hut!!!!!!!!!!

 We gave them a weathergram too!!!

 We also found a candyfloss-coloured hut too!!

There's the West Pier that burnt down.....

 Then we decided to walk inland a little past a lovely park - tied another weathergram to the railing!!!

 And we found some new drain covers!!!!

 We stopped to say hello to Cat too.  Cat was lovely!!!!!

 Then we found an outdoors chest of drawers with a painting on it!!!!  It was too big to carry home though....

 So we tied a weathergram to one of the handles!!

 And then we found some more drain covers!!!  These are pretty!!!

 Then because we were hungry we got a bus home and tied a weathergram to the seat in front!!!!  We picked up a couple of bits at Tesco's....

....and then came home!!!  What a lovely day!

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  1. Wow! That was a great day! And new drain covers!!!!