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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Summer Expedition entry.

I got a response from the Royal Academy by email on Friday night saying...

Dear Andrea McNeill, 
Thank you for submitting your entry "PARISIAN ENTRANCE".
The Members of the Summer Exhibition Committee have given careful consideration to your work and regret that they will not be able to include it in this year's exhibition. They therefore request that you do not deliver it to the Academy.
If you would like to view your account, please ..........
We very much hope that you will submit work in future years.
With best wishes,
The Summer Exhibition Team

Which I suppose is a bit of a poo, but then I knew the odds were against me anyway!!!  I may give it another two more goes just to see if I get past the first hurdle but in any case, I do have a nicely framed painting hanging up in my flat now!!


  1. Oh... How can they not want it? It's so beautiful!!!

    1. well, seeing they usually get 12,000 entries, which they have to first cut down to 4,000 and out of them, only 600 get chosen...... it's VERY competitive!

  2. 12,000 entries is a lot of entries for them to sort through, out of the 12,000 entries it's still my favorite.

  3. I give it a 1st place award Beanie! You can open an art gallery in your home :)

  4. I agree - you're #1 in my books! I love that painting.