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Monday, 30 March 2015

We met Sir Woodstock!!!

 When Andrea got home from work today, she said we were going out.  But we're not on holiday, are we???

 That's Orsino's!!!!  We've eaten here before with Sir Woodstock Bear!!!

 After Sir Woodstock arrived, we got the drinks in and ordered dinner.  We had a Marinininininerara pizza which means it has seafood on it like mussels and a big juicy garlicky prawn in the middle!!!  It was Yumtastic!!

Sir Woodstock brought us an Easter Orange!!!!  But we didn't get him anything.... but then we do have that surprise thingy at home to mail him..... sshhh!!

Sunday, 29 March 2015

I forgot to tell you.....!

 I forgot to show you the passport stamp I got last week at the youth hostel, and I didn't show you all the goodies we bought!!

 This is the Magna Carta book I got at the British Library last week.....

 And this book is all about the Plantagenet Dysentry of the Royal Family.

 At the British Museum I got the expedition book of the show we saw....

 And a two dics DVDVDVDVD all about Mummies!!!

 .....and lots of postcards!!!!

 That's some of the art stuff we bought - but we've already sent some other paints to Bob and Dilly too

And last but not least, some ginger and chocolate fudge!!!!!


A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a local shop was having a 30% off sale and since some of my T-shirts were getting a bit skanky, I decided it would be rather rude not to take advantage of the offer........ so I got two new tops for work plus these three T-shirts for £20.  Pleased....!!!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

London blog posts completed.

Day One of the London trip is HERE

Day Two has been uploaded HERE

Day Three has been uploaded HERE

Day Four has been uploarded HERE

Friday, 27 March 2015

We got Sandy Mail!!!!!

 We got a little packet today, addressed to ME!!!

 OH!  It's a map!!!

 OH!!  Sandy found it in a charity shop and thought I could use it!!!  Wow!

 Coo, I like the card!

Balsam Lake....... wonder where that is....?
Gosh, thanks Sandy!!!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Beanie went to London Day Four

Today was our last breakfast before going home!  Cocopops, kwussant and coffee, yum!

 We left a tag in the toilets before we went off to pack up our stuff.

 And then it was time to check out and leave!  What a brilliant trip we've had!!

 Off we went to the bus stop to get the number 73.....

 And off we go....!

 Hang on a minute, this isn't the station!!  What are we doing getting off here??

 More art shopping??!  Really?!?!  Oh what fun!!

 Then we went back to the bus stop and got another number 73!!!

 We left a tag on this bus!!
(Ed's note: this tag got claimed on our other blog, this post here)

 and off we go again!!!

 We went past the posh clock at Selfridges.....

 And past a shiney sculpture in Park Lane....

 And the funny upside down elephant!!!

 And here we are at the train station!!!

 We got a seat and left another tag on the seat in front!

 And here we are crossing the Thames going home.....

 It's pretty down here....

 And here we are arriving at Brighton Station!!!!!  

 Home at last!!!  Bob gave Tango a rocking chair as a present!  Wasn't that lovely!!

He says he's in charge of the zapper now, and sits by telly with it!!!!
That's OK, he likes Star Trek too.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Beanie went to London Day Three

 Today we got up early again for breakfast.  We had cornflakes, a hot kwussant with butter and coffee.  Yummm!

 After that, we got our stuff together to go out - and left another weathergram in the ladies toilets!!!

 We had a quick wander round before we set off.....

 ....and found this weird sculpture outside Kings Cross Station!

 It's by a chap called Henry Moore.

 Then we had to get a bus somewhere....!

 We got on a number 73....

 And tied a weathergram to a rail!!!

 And we got off here!!!

And first of all we went to Cornelisson's to do some shopping!!!  We found a box of gouache paints in the back of the shop that was on sale... so we got some!

And then we went to see a special expedition about Egyptian mummies at the British museum!  We bought the ticket online and got in half price on our Art Pass!

We used the facilities and left them a weathergram as a "thank you"!!

 And then went off in search of the expedition..... we thought it was in here first...

 But it wasn't, it was down here!!!

 That was REALLY interesting!!!!  They had eight mummies from different time periods ranging from 2500 BC up to the Roman period when Cleopatra and Julius Caesar was around and because taking the bandages off would damage the mummy, they'd taken CT scans and X-rays instead.  And they had gadgets where if you twiddled them, you'd get the picture of the CT scan which would then "unwrap" the image so you could "see" the body on the CT scan image!!!  And then keep twiddling to wrap the mummy up again!!  And you could see where the embalmers had put the metal medallion things in the wrappings, and you could see where they'd had abcessesses in their teeth!!!  It was brill!!!  We did some shopping in the gift shop before we left too.

And then left a bookcrossing book on a bench outside!!!

Then we went down to Tottenham Court Road to find a bus stop - and discovered that Freddie Mercury's been taken off the Dominion Theatre!!!!
OH NOOOOO!!  They've got somebody called Michael Flatfoot there now.

Anyway, we found our bus stop

 And got another number 73 going the other way.....

 We gave them another weathergram too!

 And we got off at Islington Green!!!

 By now, it was munchtime and we were starving hungry so we stopped here for lunch

 We got the drinks in......

 And got a Burger and Chips!!!

 After lunch, we left another bookcrossing book on a bench in the green.....

 ...and went somewhere else and saw this on the way.....

 ANOTHER ART SHOP!!!!  YAY!!!  We did some more shopping in here too, we found some funky papers and some more paints!

 we left a weathergram on their railings too!!

 Then we got another 73 bus.....

 And got off here - it was raining by now so we dived into the youth hostel to keep dry.  After we left our stuff in our room....

 We went back in here to have a proper look round the gift shop, since we didn't really have enough time to do that on Sunday.

 We had a little wander round before dinner - here's Euston Road in the rain!!!

 We saw a weird sculpture in this garden though!!!  It looks like a man-trap!

 Then it was dinner time so we had pizza again!  YUM!!

 And then it was back to the hostel!!!

We were pooped....!