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Saturday, 7 February 2015

We went for a walk.....

 We went for a long walk today because we hadn't done that for ages and it wasn't raining!!

 On the way, we saw some funny stickers on a bin!!!

We went as far at the Queen Victoria statue on the seafront....

 And left a bookcrossing book there for someone!!!

 Then we walked up the road - we saw crocusses coming out!! 

 And then went past this Church at Palmeira Square.

 Then we went past this enormous building!!!

 Andrea said that she used to work in there a few years ago but the company she works for sold the building.  It's a school now and that blue and white bit on the back of it never used to be there!!!

 And that used to be a carpark!!!  There used to be garages along that grey wall bit at the back, too.

 Then we walked up to the park at the top of this road!!

 Here we are!!

 They got a fish pond here but we couldn't see any fish in it.  It's a bit gunked up on the bottom though....

 then we saw a squirrel stealing food out of the bird feeders, the little thievin' bugger!

 Ah, here we are!

 We left another book here!!!

 then we walked out the other end of the park...

 ....down past this building....

 ....and down here towards the sea.....

 And said hello to this friendly black cat!!!  He was nice, we liked him!!

 We had a good view from here....

 And then we got a bus back home.  They really should wash the windows you know.

home again, home again, trippety trot.  That was a good walk.


  1. Aren't walks great! We also take long hikes, but we also stop halfway for hot chocolate and our human companions get coffee.

  2. What is a bookcrossing book? I am learning beary much from you about art and books...

    1. is an online book registry, like a library, where you can read a book and then pass it on (or swap it with someone) and you can follow the books' travels on the bookcrossing website. It's fun!

  3. Great walk, I saw some crocuses on my walk today....Spring is near!

  4. Nice walk Beanie! It's so nice to see flowers in February - quite a novelty.