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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Year of the Hippopotamus 2015

Personality of The Hippopotamus.
Hippopotami are very territorial Animals and will happily chase you out of the house if they don't like you.  As such, not much is known about them but you don't want to get trodden by one.  No, really, you don't!  They like wallowing in mud and sometimes get sunburnt if they stay out too long.

Hippopotami are interested in mud, water, eating, pooing and sometimes scaring people.

Famous Hippopotami.
The Moomintroll.
(although not technically a hippo, they are famous hippo-type creatures)

The Patron Saint of the Hippopotamus, being related to whales, is St Brendan the Navigator.  
His information is here

I have also created a special Hippopotamus Treasury on etsy here


  1. Hmmm... beary interesting. I must admit, I don't know of any hippopotomai... You are always a source of interesting information Beanie!

  2. The hippos living here are cheering about this being their year! And singing a Dutch song called 'Leve het Nijlpaard' (Long live the Hippo)