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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Theatre trip and Chocolate!!

 Today we had an early lunch and then Andrea took me out!!  She said we were doing Something Fun And Special!!

 We got on a bus into town and got off here....... where to next Jeeves??

Theatre Royal????  What's that then?

 Andrea got us tickets to see The Return to the Forbidden Planet!!!!!  It's a cross between an old movie of that name and a bunch of different Shakespeare plays performed on a spaceship by spacemen and a robot who all play guitars, drums, trombones, trumpets, keyboards as well as sing a cappella in tune (that means they don't need instruments to start first so they know what key to sing in, they just know the right key already) AND they can act AND they do Shakespeare!!!!
This was bloody brilliant!!!
Cookie the ships cook is really a Jimi Hendrix Rock God and the Robot hams it up better than a kosher Roy Scheider in drag.  They're on tour after today and you GOT to go see this if you're in the UK!

 It was dark when we came out but we went down to the Royal Pavillion to see it with lights on it.

 It's very pretty you know.

 When we got home there was A Big Box waiting by our front door!!!
What have you done now, Andrea??

 Oooh - it's a wicker basket!  What's in it?

Andrea said I could open it, if I wanted.

 So I did.....

 WE GOT A DOGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I shouted that so loudly, that Tango, George and Comealong Stanley came over to say hello too!!!  That's Comealong Stanley with his tongue hanging out.  He's a Boxer dog.

 The new dog told us he'd brought chocolate with him!!  We like the new dog.

 We like the chocolate better.....

We're all REAAALLLLY happy!!!!


  1. What a lucky mouse you are! What are you going to name your new dog?

  2. We're still trying to get him to stop jumping all over the bed and woofing!!!!!!

  3. Chocolate AND a new friend!! You're definitely the luckiest mouse ever!

  4. Horray! Our hamper arrived too! I'm not allowed to talk about the SnowDog round here. Not till Grayum confirms whether or not it has knees (the way to be certain he is Real and a Not-A-Toy) and then only after Bob has had a chat with him and gone over [Bob's] Howse Rools. BTW, I'm not altogether sure how the knee thing works, given that Dilly is most definitely real. I mean have you seen her knees? Ever?

  5. I can't even find my OWN knees!!! And I'm definitely a real mouse. The new dog says his name is Bart.