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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Movie Review - "The Wolfman"

Movie review number 35

Lon Chaney plays the title role in this black and white movie, the younger son of the Talbot family.  The plot starts with Talbot Jr (Chaney) returning to the Talbot castle in Wales after an 18 year absence, and just after his elder brothers' death.  He is met by Dad Talbot (played by Claude Rains) and helps install a fancy telescope in the attic.  While testing it, he spies an attractive woman in an antique shop window in the village...... and later he goes into the shop to chat her up but under the pretext of making a purchase.  He ends up buying a walking came with a silver handle in the shape of a wolf's head with a pentacle on it.  The attractive woman recites a four line poem about werewolves, that is repeated several times through the movie.
Later, a gypsy caravan comes through town, driven by Bela (played by Bela Lugosi!) who is the gypsy fortune teller.  Lon, attractive woman and her friend decide to walk though the woods that evening to get their fortune read.  The friend goes in first, while Lon and attractive woman wander off for a chat.  As Bela does the palm reading, he gets very agitated and tells the lady to leave straight away.  What he doesn't tell her is that he's seen the pentacle in her palm........ (a bad sign!  That's how a werewolf sees his next victim!!!)  The lady runs into the woods....... and shortly after, Lon and the woman hear screams!!!  Uh oh!!!  Lon runs into the woods, and sees a wolf attacking the lady, which he kills with the silver wolf-head of his walking cane.  Lon and the woman run back home, with Lon being injured from a wolf bite.
The next day, the wolf bite injury has disappeared, but is replaced by a pentacle where he was bitten!!!  However, not only has the dead body of the lady been found in the woods, but also the dead body of Bela, the gypsy fortune teller, who it seems was not wearing any shoes...... Lon Chaney insists that he killed a wolf but is now suspected of murder.....
The next night, the moon comes out, and Lon Chaney can't sleep but feels unwell.  He takes his shoes & socks off...... and then changes into a werewolf!!  He goes into the woods and kills a games-man ........ and wakes up at home the next day to discover that wolf paw marks lead up to the Talbot castle and another dead body has been found!!!  Later, traps are set in the woods to try and trap the rogue wolf, whilst murmurs of the werewolf legend start going round the village!
Later, a large group of gypsies set up camp in the woods and hold a fair with lots of food and games.  People from the village visit the fair including Lon Chaney..... but then stories of the werewolf start up and scare the gypsies away!
Traps are set in the woods to try and catch what is thought to be a rogue wolf.... which eventually work but it's not a wolf that is caught - as the wolf upon death changes back into Lon Chaney!

It passes the time.......!!

6 squeaks out of 10

Mini-burgers with lots of ketchup!!


  1. Papa said he saw that movie a long time ago. "Yeah" adds Jerry "like in the Middul Agess!" Then he laughs.

    Anyway, for Halloween we like to watch the old, and now somewhat silly, Dracula movies with Christopher Lee. They are fun.

  2. Hmmm... yet another movie that I have not seen!! Great review Beanie.