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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Review of the Year 2014

For my last blog entry for 2014, I'm doing my "Review of The Year".....all the adventures we got up to this year!  Hope you enjoy!

Well this year, we've been busy again!!  January saw some big storms come in through the Channel and we had the beach washed up onto the promenade!
 see the post here

In February we did a day out to Worthing and won some prizes!!! 
That's here

In March it got REALLY foggy!!  It was weird on hte seafront!

April we had another day out to Worthing, but we took the bus this time.

Then in May, it was Andrea's birthday and she took me to Paris By Eurostar!  That was brilliant fun!!!

In June we went to London to do a Reccie Trip!  That was interesting!

And in July we went to see the Matisse show at the Tate Modern!  That was great fun!

In August, Sir Woodstock came to visit and we met up a couple of times!

In August we also went to London again to see an Expedition at the National Gallery!

September was a quiet month and we didn't go anywhere.  That's OK, quiet months are good, to get your energy back up!!!

In October, we were really busy, to make up for a non-eventful September!!  We started off with Beanie's birthday trip to London to see the Turner Expedition at the Tate Britain!!  It was FAB!!

Then a couple of days later, we had another trip to London to see the gothic expedition at the British Library!  That was fun, too!!

And then we finished off the month with another fish and chips dinner with Sir Woodstock!  He likes the sea air down here you know....!

In November, we met up with Sandy from Canada!!!  We went mudlarking, which neither of us had done before and it was BRILLIANT!!!

My mudlarking "finds" are here.....

And here is what happened to them!!!

In December, we met up with Woodstock again and went out for pizza!

And on Christmas Day we did this....!


  1. Great review! Thanks for sharing, happy New Year.

  2. Excellent review of the year Beanie! Did you know there is a movie on Turner coming out? We saw a preview in the movie theatres over here...