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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Movie Review - "Ocean's Thirteen"

Movie Review number 30

This movie starts with Elliot Gould and Al Pacino closing a deal on a posh new hotel casino in Las Vegas, but Pacino forces Gould out of the deal so that Pacino has sole ownership of the hotel.  Gould then has a serious heart attack.
Then in come Gould's friends, including George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt to organise a major scam and heist on the opening night of the Posh Hotel!!  This also includes organising grief for the travel review writer so he writes an awful review!
The movie takes you through all the planning stages of the heist, from the making of dodgy dice in Mexico, to the drill the dug out the Eurostar tunnel, to fancy electronics to create black-outs in the hotel!!  It's a very exciting story, ending with two earthquakes under the Posh Hotel (one unexpected!!) and a helicopter ride off the roof and a double-handed diamond heist!!!!
(This story is based I believe on a 1950s story starring Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davies Jr and the rest of the rat pack!!)

Definitely!  You need to pay attention but it's definitely worth watching!

9 squeaks out of 10

Champagne and caviar!!


  1. Oh I liked that movie beary much (and I liked Ocean's 11). Didn't care much for Ocean's 12 though.

    Champagne and Caviar are the perfect snacks.

    1. Yeah, those snacks go with anything!!!