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Monday, 17 November 2014

Movie Review - "Godfather Part 3"

Movie review number 31

This movie is the third and final movie of the Godfather series, and picks up the family story in 1979.  Al Pacino (Don Corleone) is officially divorced from his on-screen wife, Diane Keaton and their two children are all grown up.  The movie begins with Pacino collecting a big official award from the Vatican church, presented to him in a fancy ceremony in New York City.  During the party afterwards, his daughter Mary meets her cousin Anthony (played by Andy Garcia) and there's a mutual attraction that develops through the movie.  Pacino's on-screen son tells Pacino that he's dropping out of law school to pursue music as a career which pisses off Pacino.
Later, Pacino has a conversation with the Vatican representative (a Bishop) who says the Vatican is 700 million dollars in debt and asks for help.  An agreement is made that Pacino purchases a large property business, Immobilare, from the Vatican for $600million...... which later in the movie, the Vatican tries to wheedle their out of by saying it was never ratified by the Pope (who is seriously ill at the time) therefore is null and void, which pisses off Pacino some more!!  More underhanded wheedling is done behind the scenes between the Mob and the Vatican....... later resulting in the "God's Banker" found hanging by his neck underneath a bridge in London (which really did happen back in the 1980s, with rumours of Mafia links!!!)  The Pope later dies, a new Pope is brought in, who himself dies a few days later..... amidst rumours of poisoning!!  (again, that really happened too!!)
Pacino back in New York City organises a big Dinner at a posh restaurant bringing in lots of Mob chiefs and passes out large cheques (checks) to them as their shares of casino profits.  One mafia boss stomps out in a huff ...... and a few seconds later, a helicopter hovers outside the restaurant window, and machine guns go off, killing most of the other remaining mafia chiefs!!!  UH-OH!!!!!
The latter part of the movie is based in Sicily, where Pacino's son is premiering at the Opera house there in his first professional production - the whole family turn up to watch.  At the end, as the Corleone family exit the Opera house, an assassin takes shots at Pacino and his daughter........ with one of the most effective and memorable "death" scenes in cinema.
Pacino's own death at the very end of the movie has you feeling really sorry for him.

Oh yes!!!

9.5 squeaks out of 10

Chianti and pizza with your favourite toppings!!


  1. Another great Beanie review! We especially like the snack recommendation (Italian food for an Italian movie);'s just that Papa won't let us try Chianti, so we get cranberry juice, but we get to drink it out of a wine glass, so it's still nice.

    1. Have you tried cranberry juice mixed with fizzy water? That's really nice........

    2. We often mix cranberry (or cranapple) juice with some 7-up--it is beary yummy indeed!

    3. Ooohh..... might have to try that!!

  2. Cranberry juice with fizzy water does sound good. What about Hot Chocolate with Italian Chocolate as a snack for the movie as well?