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Monday, 3 November 2014

Jerry and Ben Post!!!!!

 We also got another package from America!!!  I spotted it was from Jerry and Ben and got Tango to come help open it!



 YUUUMMMMM!!  But those aren't Smarties - Smarties are chocolate a bit like M&M&M&M&Ms.  I think we need to send some to Jerry and Ben....

 and we got a card too!

 It's our winners certificate!!!

And we also got a load of little tickets to use in our card making!!
Thanks Jerry and Ben!!


  1. I have to say Jerry & Ben mail comes right up to scratch, almost in line with Beanie mail!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the goodies; hopefully Beanie shared some of the chocolate with Tango and Andrea! We're saving more "bits and pieces" for your art projects.

  3. Jerry and Ben are such nice pals aren't they?

  4. They're great friends!!! And yes, I did share the chocolate. I'm not a meanie!!