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Sunday, 16 November 2014

I made a mudlarking mosaic!!

 Today we got all my mudlarking finds out and decided to make a mosaic out of them!

 First of all, I laid out all the pieces to see how big it would be.......
I decided just to use the pottery bits plus the little piece of green glass

 Then I got the air drying clay, rolling pin and drinking straw out.

 Next thing I did was to roll out the air drying clay.  I needed to use the whole packet!!!

 Then I used the drinking straw and jabbed it into one corner.....

 And made a hole all the way through.  That's so I can hang it up later when it's finished.

 I did the same in the other corner too.

 then came the fun bit!!  I got all the pottery shards and put them on top of the clay and then jumped up and down on it until it had sunk in!!!!

 That was quite exhausting but Andrea helped out a bit too.  She's good like that!

 There!!  That'll do!!!  Now I can just leave that on the window sill until it's completely dry!!!  Don't know how long it'll take though.....

 The two bigger pieces of glass that I found on the Thames I decided to keep with my other seaglass and marbles,.

 They're all kept in a mustard jar I got in Paris last May!!!

 So - that just leaves the pipe stems and weird metal things.  We've already got an idea for the pipe stems though!!!  (more later!)

......and the oyster shell and pebble.  Don't know what we'll do with those!!
But they are pretty....!


  1. Dat weird metal thing looks like a poo hehehe - Bob TB (e)

  2. What fun! Have you every made small squares to use as drink coasters?

    1. No, I've never done that. I might try one day, though!

  3. Cool!!! Ours are still sitting in a basin of water. Mama's been under-the-weather since we got back and I've been doing my Dr. Sandy MB routine. Tissue dispenser!

    1. Or, as Bob would say, Chief Tishoo Ishoo-er!!

    2. Yes!! That's me... except I am running out of tishoos to ishooo....