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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Movie Review - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Movie Review number 29

This movie starts in the late 1890s with a schoolboy Indy Jones (played by River Phoenix) on a boyscout trip out into the Arizona Desert.  After horse trekking for a while, they stop near a cave, and Young Indy investigates and discovers treasure being stolen from a mine.  Young Indy steals the treasure from the baddies and takes it home (chased by the baddies!) to Dad.  Just as Young Indy arrives home, the sheriff arrives - with the baddies to reclaim the treasure!!!
Fast forward to Harrison Ford Indy, now Professor of Archaeology in University, and he's just back from a trip to the High Seas, claiming back more treasure for the museums.  After class, he goes to his office and picks up a small package that arrived in the mail, and then escapes the mass of hormonal female students outside his office by escaping out of the window.  A Man In A Suit And Hat arrives in a posh car (with other men in suits) to discuss something The Man In A Suit is interested in....... The Grail!!  Man In Suit had sent "someone" to Venice to try and discover clues to find the grail, but "someone" had gone missing, so Man In Suit came to see Indy, but Indy says Indy's Dad would be the guy to talk to as Dad's life's work was where the Holy Grail was hidden....... and it turns out that the "someone" who'd gone missing WAS Indy's Dad!!!
So..... Indiana Jones then takes a plane to Venice Italy, to find his Dad.  He is met by Blonde Female Professor who takes him to the library where Dad went missing... and Indy discovers a tomb underneath the library (converted church) of one of the Knights who had hidden the Grail, and then finds the missing part of clue!  Then there's a speedboat chase through the canals between the Grail Guardians and Indy and the blonde Professor.  Indy and the blonde Professor discover that Indy's Dad is being held in a castle on the Austo-German border.  So off they go to the castle!!!
In the castle, they find Indy's Dad (played by Sean Connery) and then discover that the blonde Professor is one of the Nazi's who'd kidnapped Dad!!!  And so is the Man In A Suit And Hat!!!  OH NO!!
Indy and his Dad manage to escape the Nazi's and then there's a motorbike chase to get away.  They go to Berlin first to get Dad's Grail Diary back, and then board a Zeppelin to get out of Germany.  But the Nazi's discover them, so Indy and Dad board the little plane underneath the Zeppelin to escape!!
THEN they go to Alexandria which is the nearest town to where the Grail is hidden, closely followed by the Nazi's.  Indy and his Dad find the temple where the Grail is, but just as they get there, they find the Nazi's got there first...... but will they find the Grail and will it be the right one????

Oh yes indeedy!!  Sean Connery does a very good Indy's Dad!!

8.5 out of 10

sauerkraut and baklava cakes


  1. Mmm baklava cakes sound beary good.

  2. Sauergraut AND baklava cakes? That is an unusual combination. Did you know we know have caramel apple Oreos, and pumpkin spiced Oreos? The caramel apple ones were ok. The pumpkin spiced ones don't sound beary good to us.

    1. Well I figured sauerkraut because they go to a German castle and baklava because they end up in Alexandria!!