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Monday, 23 June 2014

Random photos

 I've got a feeling that the people in the flat (apartment) below me that have access to the back garden have moved out.  I used to regularly see them weeding out there or sitting in the sun at weekends with a cold drink or hanging out laundry.  I haven't seen them since before I went to Paris over a month ago, and the plants in the garden are turning Triffid.  Like this Giant Thistle at least 4 feet high now!!

We got Tiger Lilies out too!!!  Lily Triffids!!
Shame in a way but good for wildlife I'd imagine


  1. Ohhh... triffids!! Mama remembers reading a story about those! Keeping the weeds at bay is a never-ending battle. The tiger lilies look pretty! I'm sure the Scots think the thistles look pretty too...

  2. We have a whole row of lilies like this, and they get sun all day, so they are very happy. Do you have any herbs in pots on your window sill? Ben really likes chives.