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Sunday, 29 June 2014

We went to London!!

This morning, Andrea got me out of bed really early.  On a SUNDAY?? D'oh...!

We got the bus to Brighton Train Station!  Oh, we're going somewhere???!

We got on a train and I made sure we got a window seat!!!  I tied a weathergram onto the seat in front too!!

And we're off....!

Here we are going past Battersea Power Station.  That's near Battersea Dogs Home, the Iconic Dog Rescue place.

When we got to Victoria station Andrea needed a pee.  The lady in front only had 20p for the entry gizmo so we gave her the extra 10p.  It's not nice being caught short you know.  Anyway, I tied another weathergram to the door!

Then we went and caught a bus.  The 507 this time, I've never got that one before.

I made sure we left a weathergram on the bus too!!!

We went over the Thames - that's the Millenium Wheel you can almost see...

And Lambeth Palace where some geezer in a dress lives.
Archbishop of Canterbury, I think it is.

Oh!  Waterloo Station!!!  That didn't take long....

Bit of a posh sign, eh?!

Then we walked to the Budweiser roundabout.....

Oh look at that!!  A giant topiary chair!!!

And a giant sofa, table and lamp!!!  That's hilarious!!!

Oh I've not seen that drain cover before!!  Looks like a dog licking out the dogfood jar!!!

So THAT's where Bob's been hiding!!!!  He's running a pub in London!!!

Yup.  Definitely Bob!!
A bit further on, we found a Spanish tourist looking a bit lost so we said "Tate Modern?" and she nodded and said "Tate Modern"  We smiled and said "Us too!!" so we all went together!

Oh wow!!  There it is!!!

We walked round to the other side and saw St Paul's Cathedral.

There's a big expedition on there about Matisse and Andrea had bought an advance ticket online for the end of July and we'd come to pick it up.  But when we got to the ticket desk, they looked at our sheet and said oh, you got a ticket for 12 June and today's the 29th!!!  Andrea said oh no, that's when I paid for the ticket, I wanted it for the 27th of July!!!  Uh oh!  But then they rang somebody up who said oh yes, here's the ticket, she didn't collect it, we think she made a mistake..... and they printed out a brand new one with the right date on it for no extra charge, no quibble!!!
Andrea said later she thought they were going to charge more money and they were really Nice People for not charging more!

We had  little mooch about and then found Blackfriars train station (we though the entrance was on the other side of the river, but this is the other one near the Tate Modern!) and got out advanced train ticket for the next time we come!!!
This is a proper Reccie Trip For Spies!!!

Then we walked back along the Thames because Andrea said we were going somewhere else now!!!

We saw some interesting picture tiles!!

Wow!  We like these!!!  There was a busker playing the accordian here so we put some money in his hat!  He was happy!!

Tide was still out, too!!

Then we found a statue of Laurence Olivier who's a famous actor.  He used to live in Brighton you know, same as me!

Oh, we're back here again.  What now?

We're getting another bus!!!  The 139 this time.  Where next, Jeeves?

Back over the river....!

And another weathergram tied onto the bus!!

Oh!!  Piccadilly Circus!!!

We were getting hungry so we stopped in Pizza Hut for lunch.  When we got the bill, we paid with a £20 note and it took them TEN MINUTES to bring the change back!!!  They didn't get a bleedin' tip!!!

Then we had a little walk down the road....

To another Art Expedition!!!!!

We're going in?!  
This was kind of interesting..... but we didn't like it at much as last years' summer expedition.  A lot of the paintings were a little "out there" in an experimental kinda way (Hence the title "Discover the new" I guess!) but the stuff in the lithograph, serigraph, digital print, screenprint room was wonderful!
I think this may be an expedition that you'd need to see twice to "get" it!

And we left a tag in the toilets!!!

Then we went next door to Laduree's and bought some more Macarons!!!
Andrea's very good to me, you know....

 Then we went over the road to get a bus..... that's a pretty building....

 We got a number 38 this time, and tied a tag onto the rail!!!

 And here we are!

 I made sure we got another window seat, and left a tag on the table!!!

 back over the river again....

 Past Battersea Power Station....

 Nearly home.....

 Brighton Station!!

 Then we got the number 6 bus back home...... yup, tied another tag to the railing!

 And then a short walk down the road!

 We got a bunch of postcards to send people now...!


Four coffee ones and four caramel ones!  Can we have these for dinner???