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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Movie review - "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"

movie review number 24

This movie starts in Club Obi Wan in Shanghai with a blonde cabaret singer singing a Bing Crosby song in Chinese.  Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) walks in and sits with three Chinese businessmen to do a deal.  He receives first some money which he rejects and gets a diamond and a poisonned drink.  He hand over a valuable vase in exchange and takes a sip when they tell him it's poisonned.  There's then a huge fight in the club while Indiana and the blonde singer try and get back the diamond and the antidote for the poison and then they escape by jumping out of the window and falling into a car driven by a little kid.  Then there's a high speed chase to the airport where Indy, Blonde and Kid jump into an airplane that takes off!!
When Indy, Blonde and Kid fall asleep, the two pilots take the only two parachutes and jump out of the plane!!  Indy & the others wake up and escape the plane by using an inflatable rubber dingy as a parachute!  The plane crashes into a mountain, and the three end up "skiing" the dingy down the mountain, jump off the mountain side and into a river!!  They come ashore in India, and follow an old Indian man to a tiny village...... with no children in it...... Uh Oh!!
Indy, Blond and Kid are told a story of a magic Shankara stone that's been stolen by A Hideous Nasty Cult, who have also stolen all the children and that Indy has been brought to the village by Shiva, to rescue the stone and children!!!!  Indy, blond and Kid are shown the way to A Big Palace with the Maharaja lives..... who's about 10 years old!  They're served a fancy dinner of bugs and Eye Soup and chilled Monkey brains before retiring to bed.  THEN, Indy discovers A Secret Passageway!!!  He decides to follow it (so do Kid and Blond eventually!) and they discover the Hideous Nasty Cult is under the Big Palace!!!  And some of the Maharajah's staff work there!!!!!  OH NO!!!
It turns out that Hideous Nasty Cult have stolen three Shankara stones and are using the stolen children to dig in big caves to find the other two so Cult can Rule The World!!  Indy then decides to steal back the three they've got..... but he gets caught and made to join the cult!!  And THEN they try to make a human sacrifice of The Blonde!!!  OH NO!!
But they all manage to escape and have a really exciting rollercoaster ride through the tunnels in a big mining trolley, but then nearly get washed out of the tunnels by a big flood!!!
You'll have to watch to find out!!

Oh yes indeedy!!

Beanie says nine squeaks out of ten - lost a squeak because the blond screams so much.  She's a bit annoying.

Classic popcorn movie


  1. We agree, great movie! We always have apple slices with our popcorn, you should try it!

  2. Great movie! Classic popcorn is a great treat - with real butter (not that fake stuff).

  3. That is a great review. In stores near my roommates house they have a brand of popcorn called "Popcorn Indiana", when I recruit them to watch the movie again I think I shoudl send my SeKrebeary out to get that specific brand of popcorn.