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Friday, 16 May 2014

Early Birthday!!

 Andrea took me into work today and we found lots of happy birthday banners put by her desk!!!  Some of them had a number on them which Andrea didn't like so we took those down!

 Then we found a card and a present on her desk too!!!  OH!!

 Later on, everyone started singing "Happy Birthday" to Andrea which she didn't like at all (she hates attention!) but then we saw the cake they made!!!  It had a picture of me on it!!!  AND it's chocolate!
Isn't that fab!!!

 We got given brilliant presents too!!  The biggest one was an acrylic paint set!!!

 It had a little easel, a canvas, six paints, three brushes and a palette!!  We can paint a masterpiece of Paris on this!!

 We also got a brilliant book about origami too!!  And it has lots of little origami papers in the back as well!

And then the little presents were a bar of chocolate and a bunny rabbit pen that flashes different colours when you bash it's head on the table!!!!  Hahahahaaaa!!
Andrea was a bit of a Grinch that Stole Christmas today but I think she secretly quite liked it!


  1. Wow, such fun little gifts. Happy Birthday Andrea! We have Beanie's birthday as Oct. 21, but when is yours?

    1. Andrea is trying not to advertise her birthday this year because it's A Big Number..... but I'll send you a message to tell you without her knowing!!! Heh heh heh!!!

  2. Sounds like wonderful fun at work! Love your presents and know I love cake, especially chocolate.

  3. The cake looks great! I often go in to my roommates work but I never have been allowed in the office, I usually have to wait in the car all day.

    Happy Birthday Andrea.

    1. Well that's not fair. Demand visitation!!!!

  4. Hmmm... you know, Andrea could always try to have a birthday like you Beanie - where you stay 8 years old forever! Big birthdays usually have a big zero on the end of them... I think...