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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Beanie's Big Holiday Day 8

On Sunday, we got up as usual for our morning coffee!

And we had Panno Shoko Lah for breakfast!!  Yum!  I love these!!

Later on, after we'd phoned Andrea's parents, we went down the road to get a taxi.  We found a taxi rank near the Brochant metro stop, but no drivers!  It turned out that was where the taxi drivers left their cars after they finished their shift, and we had to hail one off the road!!!!
But we found a taxi soon enough though!  Phew!

And we came here, where Andrea's parents were staying!

They were on the top floor with a balcony!!!
We put the Dom Perignon in the fridge for a while, and set up all the cheese and bread on the table for our indoor picnic!
When Andrea opened up the champagne and we all started drinking it, it tasted so fabulous that we forgot to take photos!!! Hahahahaaa!

This is what we had for pudding though!  Good huh?!
We wanted to watch the Monaco Grand Prix after that, but just as they started the warm up lap, the TV reception went off!!!  So we didn't get to see it!!

 Later on, me and Andrea left to scoot around town for a while

There's that fancy metro station with the glass baubles on it!

 And we're back at the Louvre now!

 Pyramids in Paris - who knew?!

Then we got onto the Metro to go back to Passy metro stop

 To take a couple of photos to use as paintings ideas

 There's the top of Blackpool tower again!

 And then we came back home.....

 Gosh, what fun!

For dinner, Andrea cooked up some pan fried steak and fritters....

AND we got chocolate cake!!!  I had the top bit and Andrea had the bottom bit!!!
That's fair....!

The remaining Laduree macaroons ..... we might save these for tomorrow though....!

What a day!!


  1. Marcaroons? You sure are one lucky mouse Beanie! Hopefully you shared some with Andrea!

    1. Oh yes, everybody had those!! Even andrea's parents!

  2. There can never be too many macaroons! And your breakfast looks perfect too.

  3. OK... is that realllllly Blackpool Tower? I've been happily believing that but Mama has been rolling her eyes and now tells me it is actually the Eifel Tower! I am such a gullible bear sometimes - but that's what makes me so cute!

    1. Andrea's been telling me it's Blackpool Tower.... wait a minute!!! Has she been pulling my paws?!?!