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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Beanie's Big Holiday, Day 5

 Ah yes, our first cup of real brewed coffee!!  Yummo!

 And brioche with jam!!  I love French breakfasts!!!

 Later on, we went out to hit the town!!!

 Oh, that looks a bit ominous....... methinks we're getting more rain today!!

 Today we thought we'd have another go at getting the bus!  There's a bus stop just over the road and the number 74 goes to Hotel de Ville!!!

 But then this one decided to finish early and kicked everyone off at La Bourse!!!  What is it with Parisian buses?!?!  Andrea says that La Bourse is the French stock market place and on Tuesday and Friday afternoons they have a farmers market here with a brilliant fish stall that comes up from Dieppe, specially!

 But since today wasn't a Tuesday or Friday, we went off and did something else instead!

 We saw this weird grafitti on the way!
 Then we discovered this shop which is brilliant!!  It's in Rue de Jour near Les Halles!!

  It has all sorts of trimmings and yarns in it!!

And then we saw Au Pied de Cochon near Le Halles, Paris.
That translates as "The Pig's Trotters"!!  It's a super expensive restaurant

We decided to stop for coffee......

Before wandering off past the Pompidou Centre....

 We saw this funny sculpture!

 And a Rat Cake!!!  I love it!

 Then we found a speciality coffee bean company that supports small Rwandan coffee growers so we went in and bought some!

 On the Metro home, we had a trumpet player busking on the train.  Nobody gave him any money so when he got off the train he blew a trumpet fart!!!
That made us laugh!!

 Here's our exit....

At Brochant Metro station!

 We stopped off at Marche des Batignolles on the way home, and got two salmon fillets and some cheese.

 And because the weather was so awful, we had an indoor picnic with goats cheese!  It was yum!

 That's the coffee we got!

 And some seriously fabulous knitting yarn!

 Later on when it stopped raining, we went out for a stroll and saw these floor tiles!

 And another drain cover thingy...

And we came back with a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne for Andrea's birthday!!!

 And then for dinner we had pan fried salmon and fritters which was yum!

Wake me in the morning.....zzzzzzzz


  1. Did you go there for lunch?

    1. Heck no! This establishment is one of those that charge $10 for a glass of water!!!!!! Slight exaggeration but not much of one!

  2. It's too bad Sullivan isn't with you, we bet they'd give you free meal! hehe

  3. Unless of course they actually serve pig's trotters for lunch...

  4. Great day Beanie - that salmon fillet looks scrumptious.