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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Beanie's Big Holiday, Day 4


We had brioche and jam for breakfast again!!

A little later on, we headed out down the road.

We went past a bookshop on the way that had Manga books in it!!

Then we walked past a Boucherie with a fancy shop front.  Andrea said that "Bouche" is French for mouth so maybe a Boucherie sells stuff like toothpaste and lipstick?  We're not sure though.

And then we got to Park Batignolles again!  I really like this park!  It's pretty!!

We saw a new drain cover too!

Then, on the way to the Metro station, we saw some really interesting grafitti muriels!!

More giraffes here too!!!

Oh I love him!!!  I think Asta would like this doggie too!!


And then we got to Place de Clichy Metro stop...... wonder where we're going today!!

Oh!!  Only a few stops to somewhere called Anvers!

We started here in the pouring rain!!! the Sacre Coeur cathedral!

Wow!!  Even wee'ing with rain and lots of cloud, that's quite a view of Paris!!

Then we walked behind the Sacre Coeur for a wander round Montmartre!

We found some more grafitti

And found the artists' market!

Then we went to the Musee de Montmartre... it's a pretty buliding!

There's a view from the top floor of the building

My favourite was the original Toulouse Lautrec poster they had!!!  It's brilliant!

We also saw a scarey cat!!

After we'd been back to the gift shop, we came back out and found more grafitti!

And then headed back to the Metro.....

And came out here near the Louvre!!

There's the entrance!  There's loads of people waiting in the rain to get in!

 But we webt here for lunch instead!

 And we had onion soup!!!  I love onion soup!!  Mind you, the two tables next to us one side both got bread rolls and the one table the other side to us got bread rolls but they didn't give US any bread rolls!!!  That pissed us off a bit so we didn't leave a tip.  We'll need that to buy bread rolls on the way home.....

 Then we saw a pretty metro entrance made with coloured glass!!

 Then we walked over Pont Nerf to the other side of the river.

 That's the Musee d'Orsay over there!  That used to be a train station!

 Then we came here.  That's a piggy hook on the left and a kitty hook in the middle!

 They've even got a Wol hook!

It's Sennelier Art Shop!!   We went in to go shopping!!  Yay!!

 Then we went back to the Louvre....

 And decided to get the bus back home!!!

 We got on the number 95 which goes to Place de Clichy..... hang on though....

 It's a protest march!!!

 We waited on the bus for a while but then there were lots of Policemen and then the bus driver said the bus was terminated and we all had to get off!!  We watched for a while but they started letting off firecrackers and blowing whistles and we decided to go back to the Museum and get the Metro instead.

 So we walked back the way we came....

And saw another pretty church....

 And finally found the Metro station we wanted!!

 And got back off at Place de Clichy!

 We then decided to walk up Avenue de Clichy to get back to our apartment

 They have some interesting shops here... and we also found a real coffee shop that sells French coffee press cafetieres and also sells roasted and ground coffee beans!!  So we got some!

 At the Musee Montmartre we bought four books about Picasso...

 But all as comic books!!

 We got given free postcards too!

That's about the museum....

 We got some pastels at the art shop - we're going to send these to someone!!

And some fun pencils too!

 And fridge magnets!

 AND REAL COFFEE!!  Yay!!!!!

 That's our new coffee press!!

 for dinner we had steak and fritters again.... yummm!

And then we were so whooped, we went to bed!!!


  1. Is that Sacre Couer? Looks like you are having fun... even in the rain! After all... you are a British Mouse and British Mice are not deterred by a mere thing called... rain!

  2. I bet you walked around and looked at beautiful things anyway!

  3. Do love Sacre Courer & the Montmartre area - found the cities only vineyard there :)

  4. What a great day! Those pastels look like they would be fun to use... I heard from Dawn that the art book is enroute to moi! Yay!!