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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Beanie's Big Holiday, Day 3

 On Tuesday 20th May we got up and had croissants and coffee for breakfast!!

 And then a bit later on, we set off into town!  That's out front door for the week!

 We started spotting drain covers!!!  Think they're gas ones though not sewers!

 Down the road, there's a pizza making school, and that's one of the pictures by the front door!!

 We walked all the way down the road and ended up at park des Batignolles!!  I've been here before the first time we came to Paris, but we didn't investigate this bit!! 

 It's pretty here, with ducks and geese near the big pond!

 We then walked down Rue des Batignolles past the hotel we stayed in last time..... and found that Andrea's favourite restaurant, Cinnamons, isn't there at all now!!  It's changed hands completely!  Andrea got a bit upset that she never got to take me to eat here but I told her not to worry.  I like her cooking.

 Then we ended up on Booly Vard Des Batignolles which goes one way up to,....

 Place de Clichy!  We're going somewhere!!

We came to a Metro stop called Passy which is on a hill!!  So first of all we walked up the flight of stairs...

 And saw that in the distance!  Blackpool Tower!

 But first of all we went to do some Shopping!  I like shopping!  We saw that someone had played paintball against the wall here!!!

 And then we ended up here at Passy Plaza!

 That's kind of an interesting building!!

 Hey!  It's Loisirs et Creations!!  They used to have this shop in Lille and they've got one in Paris!!!!  We did lots of shopping here and the man on the till really liked my mousey money purse that Helena gave me!!

 On the way back to the Passy Metro, we saw some more drain cover things!  These are pretty!

And before we took the Metro back we crossed the main road to the river and had a proper look at Blackpool Tower!!!!

And then took the Metro back the way we came!

We decided to stop for lunch at that Augustin's restaurant that used to be Cinnamons.  We had a Crock Monsieur with salad and chips and Andrea said it wasn't as nice as Cinnamons.  All the tables were really close together so that whenever someone needed to get up to use the loo, half the restaurant had to move out of the way!

Then we we back to the apartment to play with our new art stuff!!  Gouache paint, watercolour paper and rubber stamps!!

On the way home, we'd also stopped at the butchers and got some Pave Rum Steack (enough for two meals)

 And we fried it up for dinner with some potatoes!  It was YUMMMMMM!

 And then we had brioche and apricot and strawberry jam for pudding!  That was yummy too!

 We did some more art journally stuff...

And then went to bed when we got tired!
What fun!


  1. Oh boy!! Are you going to the Louvre?? And the Musee d'Orsay?? Don't forget the Opera House!

  2. WOW, Ben is sooo jealous! We love the St. Chapelle, there is a little Victor Hugo museum at the Place des Vosges.