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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Beanie's Big Holiday, Day 10

Today's home time. What a fab hols!!!

So we finished off the brioche with jam on top.  I'm going to miss these breakfasts....

Then we brought our cases down four flights of stairs and put the keys into mailbox eight for the owner to collect later!

And then we walked over to the bus stop to get the number 54 which goes to Gare du Nord!

Here we go....!

And we got off here - there's the station!!  Behind that white van!

 Gare du Nord!  It's quite fancy really isn't it?!

 Hall Londres?  Andrea says that's where we go because  we're going back to London!

 When we got through the customs bit, Andrea bought a ham and cheese baguette to eat on the train for lunch!

 Then it was time to get on the train and we're off...!
I don't really want to leave but it'll be nice to see Tango and George again...!

 We're in England now!

 And here we are at St Pancras!!!

We then had a short walk up past the British Library.

And got the 73 bus back to Victoria Station!

 We saw some funny graffiti on the way back!

And going down Oxford Street.....

We saw a funny sculpture in Park Lane!!!  It's a juggler balancing an elephant!!!

And here we are at Victoria Station!

We got off at Hove Station, and on the way home we stopped at Tesco's to get some food in...

.....and came home!
I got new stamps in my passport..... what a brilliant holiday!


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful trip Beanie! Hope you have a great trip home.

  2. That coffee looks great. Have a relaxing trip back home, your trip to France looked like lots of fun.

  3. Great trip Beanie - I imagine it was great to sleep in your own bed again.