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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Movie Review - "Tough Guys"

Movie review 21

This movie stars Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas as two crooks who were the last great train robbers of the USA and spent 30 years in prison for it! On their release, they're met at the prison guards by their (very young!) Probation officer who wrote his university thesis all about them!
They're told that, after 30 years sharing a prison cell, they're not allowed to "associate" and Kirk gets a room in a welfare roach infested hotel and Burt gets a room in a retirement home! The movie then shows how they try and cope with 1980's USA when they last saw it as 1950's USA!!!
Eventually they get sick and tired of trying to fit in and hear that the train the were jailed for robbing is having one last journey before being decommissioned and they decide to rob it again and escape to Mexico!!!!

Hell yeah! This is brilliant!

9 squeaks out of 10!

Frozen yogurt with jellybeans M&M's (no peanuts) and caramel sauce toppings.


  1. Sounds like a great movie Beanie! Myself, I prefer the peanut M&M's... oh yumm....

    1. Ah, but there's a direct link to a Scene in the movie! HAS to be no peanuts!

    2. We like the pretzel M&Ms the best, so yummy. Do you have those over there Beanie?

    3. I've never seen pretzel m&M's!! We only have the chocolate ones and the peanut ones.

    4. Oh, we have several varieties! We'll send you some!

  2. I am all about the frozen yogurt. It was really sunny today, i should have gotten some frozen yogurt on my trip.

  3. We have not seen that movie, but is sounds beary good. Of course, to be honest, we first looked at the snack recommendation...Jerry is still drooling thinking about it.