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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Movie review - "Who was that Lady?"

Movie review number 20

This stars Tony Curtis as a University Chemistry professor, Janet Leigh as his on screen wife (they were married in real life at the time, too!) and Dean Martin as Tony's best friend, a scriptwriter for a TV company CBS.  The movie starts in the Chemistry lab, and a female student walks in and starts kissing Tony Curtis.  Janet walks in and discovers them and then demands a divorce and stomps out.  Tony runs after her but she's left...... he then calls his best friend Dean Martin and says "Get me out of this mess!!!"  Dean Martin then invents a story that both he and Tony C work undercover for the FBI as Secret Agents, and takes Tony Curtis to the TV company's props department and gets an FBI ID card with Tony's name and picture on it!!! They show it to Janet Leigh and convince her they're both FBI undercover agents and Tony was kissing that woman because she's being investigated as a KGB agent!!!!  AND Janet Leigh buys the story!
THEN!!!  The Real FBI discover that Tony Curtis has had this FBI ID card made and start investigating him!!!  A real FBI agent turns up at Tony's apartment and questions Janet about Tony Curtis.  Janet and the real agent follow Tony and Dean to a Chinese restaurant (where they've gone to chat up two blonde girls with big....... blonde hair!) and they all get mistaken for secret agents!!!  They all rush outside, and Janet pulls out Tony's FBI gun and shoots it into the air, and Tony faints!!!!!   Then the TV cameras turn up, and start interviewing Janet about Tony being an FBI agent!!!!!
Tony and Dean eventually get hauled into the real FBI offices for "A Talking To"..... meanwhile, the real KGB agents ring up Tony's home to arrange a Special Meeting!!!  Tony and Dean meet the KGB agents at the Empire State Building (followed by the real FBI to try and kidnap the KGB) only to have Tony and Dean get kidnapped, taken to the basement, and injected with Truth Serum to try and find out some Secrets!  (which Tony and Dean don't have!!!)  When Tony comes round from the truth drug, he thinks he's in a submarine bound for the USSR and sets about trying to sink it!!!!!!!!!
It's all very slapstick humour at the end, and quite funny!!

This is a good movie, so if you want something to watch and not have to think too hard, this is the one!!!!
(Andrea calls it "bubblegum for the brain"!)

Beanie says 7 squeaks out of 10!!

Chinese take-away.
(there's a link to the movie!)


  1. 7 out of 10 squeaks, seems like a good movie to watch. I like the phras, bubblegum for the brain.

  2. oh this sounds like a beary good movie!