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Thursday, 19 December 2013

We got Wee Fee Gizmo working!!!

 About ten days ago, we got a package delivered called Wee Fee Gizmo.  I wasn't sure what it was but Andrea seemed to know, and plugged it all together last Thursday.  Then, we got another Gizmo out.  What does this do???  (Hey, you can see Andrea taking a picture of it in the reflection!!!)

 Oh!!  It's called Hudl!!!
Hello Hudl!!

 We can get the temperature outside without having to GO outside!!

 OH!  We can get Blogger on this???  REALLY????!!

 That's JERRY AND BEN!!!  I get to read their blog at home????!!

And that's Alexander!!!  Oh, this is brilliant!!!  I can see what they're doing at home with a cup of coffee!!


  1. Wonderful Beanie! It will be nice for you to relax at home with hot chocolate and check out what all your pals are up to!

  2. Beanie, that is awesome. It looks like it is the perfect size for you.