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Saturday, 7 December 2013

We got our tree up!!!

 We put our tree up this week!!!!

 We took some pictures of some of the decorations..... that's a glass present from the Isle of Wight.

 There's a brass Santa in a Sleigh with Rudolf from America and one of our mirror balls!!!

 You can just about see a wire star that we got somewhere over here.....

 And Tango's favourite, a brown bear that was a present last year and a purple one that Lesa sent us from America!!

 We got a wooden santa as well....

 And you can just see the Starship Enterprise there too!!!

Then we sang our favourite Christmas song....
We three Bears of Orient are...
Licking out the old hunny jar....
Yummy hunny in our Tummy - 
What lucky Bears we are!!!!!


  1. What a nice looking tree. Looks like you got some good friends to help you out with the decorating and caroling.

  2. Beanie, when you have a moment can you send me your address and birthday.

  3. Oh, these are so wonderful! Thanks so much for the pictures of your tree and, of course, the serenade by three poetic and musical bears!

  4. Nice tree! We have some of those silver mirror balls as well... I'll post once we get our tree set up... slow people over here!

  5. Your tree looks great Beanie. Don't know if I can get my secrabearry to help me post, grrr!

    Hey I recognize that brown bear! Looks beary nice on your tree. I've been watching mom stitching up some different ornaments today.

    We've had all our halls decked since last Sunday. Now Santas sweatshop (oops! I men mom's sewing room) is beary messy and busy!

  6. Beary nice tree! I can't wait until Christmas!