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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

We forgot to do a Happy Thanking List....!

Last week in America they had a thing called Thanks Giving where they eat lots of food and make a happy thanking list. 

Here's mine....

1.  I'm really happy that I still get to blog lots and talk to my friends!!
2.  I'm really happy that Sullivan McPig had such a grand time when he visited me last month.
3.  I'm not happy that Bob and Dilly got burgled but I AM happy that they didn't get kidnapped, and they're all safe.
4.  I'm really happy that I've got a nice place to live in.
5.  I'm really happy that Andrea still has a job and has enough money to take me places!!
6.  I'm really happy that we have poached salmon to eat a lot.
7.  I'm really happy that we donated some food to the Fair Share charity last Sunday.  (they collect food for the homeless and the elderly and the famillies that are struggling to buy their own food)
8.  I'm really happy that I have so many friends in blogland.
9.  I'm really happy that I thought of so many things to be happy about!!!!!
10.  I can't think of a number 10 but if it occurs to me later I'll come back and fill it in.  OH - I'm really happy we've got our Christmas tree up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hhahahaahahaa!!

Did you make a happy thanking list this year??


  1. That is a wonderful Thankful list Beanie. We are thankful for many of the same things!

  2. I try to be thankful everyday. This was a very nice list. :)

  3. Oh, forgot that this year (again!). I am most grateful for... friends and hot chocolate and honey (of course)!

  4. Good list Beanie, I agree 100%. I might add a good piece of cheese now and then to the list.