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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Random pictures

 We had a very blowy "storm" ride through a few weeks ago, and this is the extent of the "damage".  The tree got strapped back up to the pole later in the day, and is still surviving upright!!!

 View from an office at work, watching the rain clouds roll through.

according to Blogger, the read hits for Beanie's day out in London posted underneath reads "342". 


  1. That looks like a beary big storm! Although a rainy day is a good day to be at home with a good movie and hot chocolate!

  2. I hope you got to watch the storm inside and not outside.

  3. It's called the law of exponential theory. You poodle along with 20 views and 30 views and then BOOM!!! You go into the hundreds from one day to the next!

    Maybe... or blogger is having hiccups...

  4. That's a major bout of hiccups though. It's says 486 views for last weeks' London trip now...!!