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Sunday, 3 November 2013

More cooking!!!

 Well, since Sullivan was busy at the book conference on Friday, we decided to try some chocolate cupcakes.  So we mixed up all the dry ingredients with some cocoa powder.

 And 100g of unsalted butter!!!

 and then mixed it all together.....!

 Then we got  the milk, eggs and vanilla essence....

 and mixed them up.....

 And then slowly mixed the wet bit in with the dry bit, mixing all the time..... it's tough work this mixing up!

 Aha!  There we go!!!

 Then we spooned it all in to the cup cake tray.....

 All done!  We can put that in the oven now!!!

 While they were cooking, we made the icing.  That's icing sugar and cocoa but Andrea got the measurements wrong!!  it was supposed to be 75g icing sugar and 25g cocoa, but Andrea put in 100g of icing sugar!!!

 And some more butter!!  Wonder if it'll work.....

 We got the cupcakes out but they turned out gooey in the middle and they all sunk down a bit too!!!  OH NO!!

 and when we put the icing on, it was drier than usual (because we got the measurements wrong!!!) but we though we'd try it out anyway.  Since we'd gone to the effort of making them!!!

 But the toppers that Sullivan gave us were brilliant!!!!!

 Black sheep and Santa, too!!!

and then we tried one out.  Hmm.  Soggy sunken cupcakes and dry icing that make you swing from the ceiling on a sugar fix.  Hmm.....!!
We could always make some more....!!!


  1. Awww that's too bad! Wonder why the cupcakes were gooey in the middle? They were too wet and the icing was too dry? But maybe they tasted delicious??

  2. We never complain about gooey chocolate fact never about any cupcakes, yummy!

  3. Well the cupcakes were OK on the outside parts but the gooey bits were too...... well, gooey!! And the icing was too dry. I think we'll try again!!!

  4. Definitely try again - practice makes perfect!! And homemade cakes are the best. Try to cook them for a little longer - til the top is springy to the touch of a paw. As for the icing - a teaspoon of hot water would help - or brandy....Willing tasters here if you need any?

  5. I hope the next batch will be less gooey. And now I want a cupcake...