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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Last Sunday...

 Last Sunday lunchtime, we met up with Sullivan again outside the Metropole hotel on Brighton seafront.  We were going to visit a part of Brighton called the North Laines which is a very funky hippy shopping area with loads of fun shops to visit.  Along the way, we saw the end of a protest march against the culling (killing off) of badgers.  We like badgers!!  They're stripey like me!!!  (Farmers don't because they say badgers pass TB onto cows but can't really prove it, and in any case, there's a vaccine)  When we got to the North Laines, we saw someone had added some grafitti about it!!!

 We also met an orange dog who had a pet mouse!!!

 Later on, Sullivan gave me a fox head!!  Andrea says she's going to make me a new T-shirt with it sewn on it!!

 Then we saw a zombie skull with the eyeballs hanging out!!!  We saw LOADS of bookshops in the North Laines and visited all of them!!  And I found two brilliant books for my friend Bob T Bear!!!

 Then we found this shop with a dragon on it!

 We walked back towards Sullivan's hotel through the Pavillion Gardens.  It's pretty here.

 And we saw a man on a Unicycle juggling fire sticks!!!

 and then we saw a brilliant cable box painting!!!

 Isn't it fab!!

 We stopped for coffee on the way, and Sullivan met his cousin Mungo McPig who lives with us.  He was very happy!!
(and the chocolate cake was good too!)


 Then we dropped off Sullivan at his hotel so he could leave his shopping in his room before going back to the Metropole for more Book Convention stuff!

 We walked past this pretty gate too!

Sullivan gave me two buttons as well!!  Hmm, I wonder if Tango or Bob would like one...?


  1. Looks like the dragon wants to eat my owner!

  2. Such a wonderful get together. We wonder, in honor of Sullivan's visit, if you created any pig-inspired found art pieces?

  3. It was great meeting you last weekend! I wish I had brought my gorilla along to join in the photos... :)

  4. So do I!!! You of the phantom gorilla blog....!!!