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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Jerry and Ben Package...!!

 Last week, we got a Big Red Box from America!!! It was from our friends Jerry and Ben!!

 OH WOWW!!!!  Look at all these goodies!

 We got a pretty postcard and another card with my name on it....

 It's a Halloween box!!

 We won the Pumpkin Carving contest on Jerry and Ben's Blog!!

 We got sentence magnets and pencils....

 And some brilliant candy!!!  More Boston Baked Beans too!!!

 And best of all Mint Oreo Cookies!!  We can't get these here so Jerry and Ben sent some specially!!!!
That's so wonderful of them!

AND we got a cool Bag to carry it all in AND a bottle of maple syrup specially for Tango!!!
Thanks Jerry and Ben!!!