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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Old cooker New cooker

 At the beginning of August we had a gas appliance safety check at where we live.  This is a legal requirement on rented appartments in England that have a gas supply.  The photo above and below is the gas cooker that was in the flat when we moved in back in 1999...... when the gas man saw it he said that in the 38 years he'd been doing his job, he'd never seen anything quite like it.

 I think it might've been the fossilised gunk and rust down the side that wouldn't come off even with industrial grade Cilit Bang and pneumatic drill.

 However, after consulting the Managing Agents who consulted with the Landlord, I got a bright shiney spanking new cooker installed a couple of weeks later!!!!  It has a four hob top with a clear cover that shuts off the gas supply when you shut it.....

And then the top bit is a grill and the bottom bit is the oven.
And I didn't have to pay a penny because the Landlord had to pay out!!!
I love my cooker!!!!!


  1. I see more recipes and LOTS of cooking in your future!

  2. Such a fancy stove and oven! It looks like a chefs dream! Maybe you could make some video cooking demonstrations staring Beanie! Cooking shows, including Britain's Top Chef, are hugely popular over here. We miss the British Two Fat Ladies cooking show--they were awesome!

  3. How about a Fat Mouse And Orange Bear cooking show?!!!