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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Movie review - "Lust for Life"

Movie review number18

This movie stars Kirk Douglas as the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh and also stars Anthony Quinn as French artist Paul Gauguin.  The movie starts with Vincent wanting to enter the clergy but they don't want him.  But they change their mind after a passioned plea from Vincent and send him to a tiny mining village in Belgium, full of mud, potatoes and poverty.  This is where Vincent starts painting and drawing very dark and almost depressing pictures.  Vincent then gets kicked out of the job and moves back in with his parents in Holland and falls in love with a cousin whose husband recenlty died.  That causes more problems..... and he then moves to France to learn to paint.  He then meets the Impressionists in Paris and that's when he starts using bright colours in his paintings!!!  
Vincent then moves to the south of France and tries to set up an Artists colony, and shares a house with Gauguin but they get on each other nerves and start arguing.  Later, they have a HUGE row, Gauguin stomps off and Vincent cuts his ear off!!!!  Gauguin moves on, and Vincent goes into an Assylum.
He keeps painting though, and eventually is released from the Assylum and moves to Auvers sur Oise just north of Paris ...... he stays in the Auberge de Ravoux and continues painting...... until he dies - in the movie that's portrayed as an epileptic seizure.  You're obviously not paying attention....!!!  We checked, and in the movie Vincent dies by gunshot in the cornfields!!!  (oops!)
Ed's note - I've been to Auvers sur Oise, trains leave from Gare du Nord in Paris.  The scene in the movie where Vincent walks down some old steps (away from the church) - the graveyard is opposite that church which is where Vincent and his brother Theo are buried with a cypress tree at the foot of the graves, and on the other side of the wall are the cornfields that he painted.

This is a lovely movie!!!
Beanie says 9 squeaks out of 10!!

Corn on the cob with lots of butter!


  1. We saw that movie some years ago, it's really fun.

    Have you every tried basil butter on your corn on the cob? Soften butter, then add chopped up basil or chives or your favorite herbs, then put it into the fridge to solidify. Basil butter is yummy on corn on the cob, and is also yummy on a steak.

  2. I am staying in London for the weekend. Going back to Norway on Monday. :)

  3. Sounds like a great movie! Basil butter on corn... mmmm... so many great ideas for eating!

  4. Two big Vincent van Gogh fans living in this house with me! They used to go to the van Gogh museum in Amsterdam together when they were students! Lot's of books about him in our house too!

  5. Oh, we love Vincent here too!!! Andrea says she's been to Auvers sur Oise too.... we'll have to dig out the pictures for you....