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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Movie Review - "Kramer vs Kramer"

Movie review number 17

This movie is set in New York City and stars Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep as Mr & Mrs Kramer, who live in an apartment with their small son.  Dustin comes home from a busy day at the advertising company he works at and, whilst yakking away about his busy day at work, Meryl tells him she's leaving him.  She thinks she's a crap mother, and doesn't want to be married any more.  So she takes her packed suitcase and leaves, all the way to the other side of America, leaving Dustin to do the school run on top of a busy job at the advertising agency he works for.
Dustin then discovers it ain't that easy cooking breakfasts for his small son, and doing the school run, and getting the dinner on in the evenings as well as his son's homework AND extra work that he takes home from the advertising agency.... and starts struggling!!  He even ends up screwing up on a deadline at his job and he GETS FIRED!!!  Just before Christmas!!!  OH NO!!!
Now, because he's consulting a divorce lawyer, he's told that he'll lose custody of his son if he's now unemployed..... so Dustin then does a manic job hunt just before Christmas and desperately takes a lower salaried job so he can keep his son.
THEN his wife turns up back in New York City and wants access..... and that's when the arguments start between Dustin and Meryl.  In AND out of the Courtroom!!
But, it does kinda have a happy ending!!!
(Movie trivia - this movie apparently is quoted in real dirvorce courts even though it's a "made up" story!!!)

Yeah, this is really good!!!

Beanie says 8 and a half squeaks out of 10!!

French Toast.
You'll have to watch the movie to get the link!!!


  1. I've heard of this movie!! But haven't ever watched it. But given that it has Meryl Streep in it, it sounds great! Good review Beanie!

  2. We've seen this movie two times, it is very good., but anything with Meryl Streep is usually beary good!