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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Beanie Cooked Poached Salmon!!!

 Remember that cooking book that we showed you a few days ago?  Well, we tried out one of the recipes recently.  And being an Onerary Bear, it HAD to be poached salmon!!!  We got small potatoes and spinach.

 And a small bottle of dry white wine (this one's a chardonnay but we've tried it again with a Muscadet which we think it better), curley parsley, coriander (Andrea meant to get Dill but picked up the wrong packet!!!), and an onion and a Shallot.

 First of all we chopped up the shallot and got out some of the parsley and coriander and put that in a little saucepan.

 Then we got out the salmon fillet and gently rinsed it.  The recipe said to put a little rock salt on the top, so we did that too.

 Then we poured out half the little bottle of wine which we put in the same saucepan as the shallot and coriander....

 and then a cup of water.....

 Which we put in the pan too.  Later on, we heated that up.

 But first we put the potatoes on.  Because they're little ones, we decided just to boil them whole.

 When the potatoes were half way cooked (about 10 minutes) we got this pan heated up and when it was simmering, we put the salmon fillet in and then put the lid on.
Five minutes after that, we put some spinach in with the potatoes.

and then five minutes after that, it was all on a plate!!  We put some ground pepper on the salmon and some butter on the potatoes and then we ate it all up VERY QUICKLY!!!
This is seriously YUMMY!!


  1. Oh, that looks scrumptious!!! Yummm... salmon... drool!

  2. Wow, that is one of our BEARY favorite dishes. (Bears like salmon you know...). You did a great job Beanie! Our mouths are watering!