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Sunday, 1 September 2013

A walk along the seafront!

 We went for a walk last week.  First of all we played the arcade games over the road, and I won a prize!!!  It was a crab keyring!!!  All green and shiney!!  We decided to send it to Dilly, because she likes green!

 The tide was out and some small patches of sand was showing....

 Then we discovered there was funny games that we could go on!!!  Oh how fun!

 And a shooting gallery thing too!!!

 I don't remember these flowers being there.... they're pretty!

And that's the Peace Statue!!  It marks the boundary between Brighton and Hove!!


  1. That is certainly a very colorful building! We love long walks, so much to see!

  2. Oh, can we play an arcade game when I'm there next month?

  3. Those penny games are super fun!! Glad you won a prize.

  4. Sullivan - on Brighton Pier, there are LOADS of arcade games!! I really, REALLY WANT to take you there and play some of them!! They're great fun, and have good prizes!! I won a toy car there once and a camper van and Alexander won two bears when we went there!!